Inverse Problems in Heat Transfer

Poster Session
1995 ASME/AIAA International Heat Transfer Conference
August 5-9, 1995, Portland, OR

J. V. Beck, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
B. F. Blackwell, Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM
K. A. Woodbury, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

This session has been scheduled for 1:30 PM on Monday, August 7th.
Titles and authors of accepted papers:

  1. Estimating the Temperature Profile in a Participating Cylindrical Medium by Inverse Analysis
    K Padakannaya., R. F. Richards, and O. A. Plumb, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
  2. Estimation of the Two Parameters Involved in Thermal Dry Sliding Contact Models
    P. Chantrenne, and M. Raynaud,
  3. Sensitivity to Noise of the Coupled Inverse Heat Conduction-Radiation Problem
  4. N. J. Ruperti Jr., M. Raynaud and J. F. Sacadura, Centre de Thermique, URA CNRS 1372 - INSA de Lyon, Villeurbanne, FRANCE
  5. Estimation of Local Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients using Thermal Wave Analysis
    M. Wandelt and W. Roetzel,
  6. Optimum Design of On-Line Measurements of Thermophysical Properties Using Temperature Oscillation Techniques
    W. Czarnetzki and W. Roetzel, Universitdt der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Hamburg, GERMANY
  7. Universal Approach to Solution of Inverse Heat Transfer Problems (Method, FRIEND Program, Examples of Their Use)
    P. G. Krukovsky, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Kiev, UKRAINE
  8. On Inverse Problems for 3D Time-Dependent Free Convection Heat Transfer
    A. K. Alekseev (Energia Corp), A. E. Bondarev (Institute for Applied Mathematics), Y. A. Molotilin (Energia Corp), . Kaliningrad, RUSSIA
  9. Usage of Neural Network for Specifying the Coupled Parameter and Function in Inverse Heat Conduction Problem
    M. Raudensky, J. Horsky, and J. Krejsa, Technical University of Brno, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC
  10. Heat Flux History Reconstruction in Thermosensitive Materials
    A. K. Alekseev, Energia Corp, Kaliningrad, RUSSIA
  11. On Boundary Conditions Determination Using Inverse Free Convection Problem
    A. K. Alekseev(Energia Corp), A. E. Bondarev (Institute for Applied Mathematics), and Y. A. Molotin (Energia Corp), Kaliningrad, RUSSIA
  12. Radiation Exchange within an Enclosure of Diffuse-Gray Surfaces: The Inverse Problem
    V. Harutunian, J. C. Morales, and J. R. Howell, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
  13. A Temperature-Based Sequential Function Specification Algorithm for the IHCP
    K. A. Woodbury and X. Jin, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  14. A Numerical Method for Solving the Backward Heat Conduction Problem
    D. Lesnic, L. Elliot, and D. B. Ingham, University of Leeds, Leeds, ENGLAND
  15. 3-D Boundary Inverse Heat Conduction Problem: Theory and Applications
    O. M. Alifanov and A. V. Nenarokomov, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, RUSSIA
  16. Design of Experiments Using Uncertainty Information
    A. F. Emery and T. D. Fadale, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

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