American Group for Inverse Problems in Engineering


The American Group for Inverse Problems in Engineering (agipe) is an informal group, based in the United States, for the purpose of organizing and coordinating activites pertaining to Inverse Problems within the USA.


The agipe evolved out of meetings held at Michigan State University due to the impetus of Prof. J. V. Beck. Organization of these seminars became and continue to be the business of the group. The group requires no dues, and current officers are Dr. Keith A. Woodbury (Chairman) and Prof. J. V. Beck (Secretary).


The informal seminars on inverse problems continue and are held approximately every other year in the United States. Besides the informal seminars, the agipe coordinates conferences of international scope. One of the ongoing activities of the group is the maintenance of a mailing list which is utilized to announce upcoming events. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please complete a registration e-mail.

Keith A. Woodbury
May, 2003