1997 National Heat Transfer Conference

Session on Inverse Problems in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

ASME Proceedings of the 32nd National Heat Transfer Conference
Volume 2

presented at

The 32nd National Heat Transfer Conference
Baltimore, Maryland
AUGUST 8-12, 1997

edited by

George S. Dulikravich
Pennsylvania State University

Keith A. Woodbury
University of Alabama

The volume can be obtained by contacting:

The America Society 0f Mechanical Engineers
United Engineering Center
34 East 47 th Street New York, NY. 10017

Table of Contents

Application of Reusable Interface Technology for Thermal Parameter
Estimation B. F. Blackwell and M. S. Eldred

Heat Transfer at the Polymer-Metal Interface: A Method of Analysis and Its Application to Injection Molding
S. Quilliet, P. Le Bot, D. Delaunay, and Y. Jarny

Estimation of the Boundary Conditions in Convectional Heat Transfer Problems
Ireneusz Szczygiel

Applying Inverse Technique for Identification of Thermal Resistance Between Cast and Mould During Permanent Casting of Metals
Janusz Skorek

Inverse Heat Transfer Calculations for Automotive Evaporator Inverse Design
Alexander V. Moultanovsky and Aamir Khawaja

A Shape Identification Problem in Estimating Time-Dependent Irregular Boundary Configurations
Cheng-Hung Huang and Chih-Chung Tsai

An Inverse Problem Involving Thermal Energy Equation
Saeed Moaveni

Determining a Proper Cooling Protocol for Desired Thermal Roller Contour in Strip Rolling of Metals
F. Unger

Implicit Reconstruction of Dynamic Three-Dimensional Phase Boundaries
Russell G. Keanini

Solution of a Non-Linear Inverse Problem in Open Channel Flow by Mollification and Space-Marching
Keith A. Woodbury, S. Krishnamurthy, and S. Rocky Durrans

Designing Thermal Systems With Uncertain Properties Using Finite Element/Volume Methods
A. F. Emery and T. D. Fadale

Uncertainties in Parameter Estimation: The Optimal Experiment Design
A. F. Emery, Aleksey V. Nenarokomov, and Tushar D. Fadale

Estimation of One-Dimensional High Heat Fluxes From Surface Temperature Measurements Using Inverse Solution Techniques
D. Greg Walker and Elaine P. Scott

A Two-Dimensional Inverse Radiation Problem
H. Y. Li

Estimation of the Heat Transfer Coefficient in the Spray Cooling of Continuously Cast Slabs
Helcio R. B. Orlande, Marcelo J. Colaco, and Alexandre A. Malta

An Efficient On-Line Thermal Input Estimation Method Using Kalman Filter and Recursive Least Square Algorithm
Pan-Chio Tuan, Sou-Chen Lee, and Wen-Tien Hou

A Two-Dimensional Model of the Catawba Nuclear Station Service Water Pond During a Hypothetical Accident
Gregory B. Saxon, Rhyn Kim, and Russell G. Keanini

Analysis on Inverse Radiative Property Problem in Two-Dimensional
Kazuhiko Kudo, Akiyoshi Kuroda, Eiji Ozaki, and Masahito Oguma

Non-Iterative Determination of Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity
Thomas J. Martin and George S. Dulikravich

Inverse Determination of Steady Heat Convection Coefficient
Distributions Thomas J. Martin and George S. Dulikravich

Optimal Shape Design for Steady Heat Conduction by the Evolutionary Procedure
Oing Li, Grant P. Steven, Osvaldo M. Querin, and Y. M. Xie