Machine, Process, and Product Design (MPPD) Center


Machining Processes
Precision Metrology
Developmental Test, Analysis and Quality Control
Automation and Machine Design
Machine Controls, Sensors, and Actuators


The mission of the MPPD Center is to conduct basic and applied research, provide graduate training, and develop, coordinate, and transfer best practices in machinery and product design for manufacturing application.  This mission will be accomplished in a three pronged effort of teamed research between MPPD and regional/national industry, timely technology transfer to manufacturers, and increased understanding of technological innovation in industry.  These efforts will meet the immediate and long-term needs of regional/national manufacturing firms.  The MPPD Center is aligned with the core manufacturing tasks of integrating design, analysis, developmental testing, and fabrication.  Supporting the MPPD mission is research thrusts in product design, machine design, process design and modeling, quality control testing, and analysis.

The benefits of the MPPD Center are increased global competitiveness for regional/national manufacturing firms and collaborative excellence in activities central to The University of Alabamaís mission of teaching, research, and service.  Through outreach and teaching, this Center will touch many of Alabama's citizens as well as others worldwide.  Collaborative research between industry, faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students is an important aspect of the centerís activities.  While this AIME center will initially benefit researchers throughout the College of Engineering (particularly Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering) there will also be a role for other faculty from other colleges in the future.